sanding decking

The first step in the process of sanding decking is to remove any loose materials. This will include such things as sawdust and saw marks, wood shavings, chips, and pebbles that may have been left by the tools used to sand the deck. After removing all of the loose materials it’s time to start with sanding the decking. One tool that can be used to help sand the decking is a hard sand paper. This is very helpful for the sanding because it makes the board much easier to move around and will give it an even finish.

Steps in the process of sanding decking

After you have sanded the board it is important to be careful while moving it around. If you don’t use a hardwood or some other durable material the wood may easily dent and chip. If the deck is to be moved then make sure that the tool is still attached to the deck. Once the board is securely attached to the tool then move it out of the way. It is also important to make sure that the board is not exposed to direct sunlight as this may cause the wood to warp.

Once the deck has been sanded it is time to apply a primer to the board. There are many different types of primers on the market. You should make sure that you use one that has been specifically formulated for decking. This way you can ensure that your deck will be protected from any type of weather conditions. Once the primer has been applied the final step is to seal the decking. This can often be done with an oil-based sealant.