Credit Fix – The Experts at Work

Credit Fixes are amongst the largest IVA providers in the United Kingdom. They are based in Manchester and Glasgow and have around 100 employees processing Scottish Trust Debts and IVA’s. This company was first established in 1992 by David Linsley in order to help individuals in all walks of life. Although they do not deal with the creditors themselves, they are able to offer all types of assistance. It is possible to get the best IVA settlement at a better rate by working with Credit Fix.

The main aim of Credit Fix is to provide individuals and organisations with the best advice available. They do this by providing them with the best IVA quotes and settlements. This makes it easier for people to find the best deal on their debts. They also help individuals to prepare a suitable plan for repayment of their debts. This can often save money in the long run and allow you to live debt free. By working with a specialist IVA company, you can easily achieve a level of success that would have been hard to achieve if you tried to do it yourself.

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Credit Fix has been able to secure many awards over the years. Their clients include such individuals as celebrities and footballers. They provide the highest quality services at a cost that is well below the competition. If you are looking for an IVA company in the United Kingdom, look no further than Credit Fix.

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