Defense Base Act Lawyer

Attorneys who practice exclusively within the defense base act area are known as DBA lawyers. The Defense Base Act is designed to protect both the innocent and guilty by providing compensation for any wrong done. This includes any damage, theft or loss of property that was caused as a direct result of the performance of the accused’s duty. A lawyer who is experienced and well equipped in these areas can represent both the defense and the prosecuting parties. He or she will work as an advocate on behalf of the accused as well as provide legal counsel for any settlement reached in the case.

Defense Base Act Attorney

The Defense Base Act is a federal law that was enacted in 1966 as an extension of the Freedom of Information Act. The Act governs how the US military personnel and their family members are protected from unlawful and unfair punishment due to their performance of their duties in areas of military operations. It also covers their belongings while they are on duty and any property they may use while on duty. Under the terms of the Act, members of the military who are accused of any crime committed during or even outside of the line of duty are entitled to a Defense Base Act lawyer who has expertise in this area.

The Defense Base Act governs how military personnel are charged for any alleged crime committed during or outside of their duty station. Although the Act is intended to ensure fair and just trials, it does place limitations on what the courts can expect as a result of their proceedings. Any way to limit the rights of the accused is recommended so as to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

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