Holistic Drug Rehab

holistic drug rehabs

Holistic drug rehabilitation programs are slightly different than most rehab facilities, in that the treatment they offer is more holistic in nature. While a traditional non-holistic drug rehab may only provide some counseling and psycho-behavioral therapy, a holistic drug rehab program will often focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the addict’s life. They will also focus on reducing withdrawal symptoms and encouraging the addict to make positive changes in his or her life. Holistic detoxification programs are very effective in helping addicts get off drugs, because they combine all aspects of the program so that the results are long-lasting.

Holistic Drug Rehab

In addition to the family, the program will often have several individuals who are not related to the addict attending the drug rehabilitation program. These are called “hosts”patrons” of the programs, because they pay for their own recovery. The hosts do this by donating time, money, or even their time and/or energy to the program. This allows for the program to continue to function, while giving the addicts and their families a great deal of support.

While holistic drug rehabs are designed to help those suffering from all types of addictions and addiction, they do not necessarily work best for those addicted to alcohol, heroin, or cocaine. These are usually treated by more traditional, non-holistic programs because they are harder to recover from. But holistic rehabs are also extremely effective, as the addiction itself causes the person to change, much in the same way that a broken heart makes a person more compassionate.

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