How to Do a Gutter Clean and Repair

Gutter cleanings and repairs are an integral part of upkeep of your home. Your gutters are simply the collection unit, at the edge of the roof. They are created to divert runoff water from your roof into downspouts to prevent flooding. The gutters collect debris such as twigs, leaves, and other debris. Some homeowners also use a leaf guard to keep leaves from falling into their gutters, thus protecting them from mold and mildew. These units can be bought for under twenty dollars and require no special tools to install. If you don’t have the right skills or the tools to get the job done, you might have to hire a professional, but they are well worth the extra money if you want a good looking gutter to enjoy.

How to Clean Gutters & Install Gutter Guards

To maintain your gutters, you should perform the cleanings on a regular basis. You will need to empty out all of the accumulated debris. Once this is done, clean the gutter itself with a hose and a brush. Any visible mold or mildew should also be removed with the brush. This is very important, as this is where potential problems are likely to begin.

When the cleaning is complete, it is recommended to inspect the gutters again for signs of wear. This is especially important if the gutter is located near your home’s foundations. Any areas of damage or deterioration should be repaired immediately. A gutter clean and repair might seem like an expensive repair or replacement project. In actuality, it isn’t. By doing the job regularly, you will be able to maintain your gutters for years to come.

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