IGCSE English As a First Language Tutors

English as First Language IGCSE tutors

There are two levels of IGCSE English, one for those taking it as a first language and the other for those studying it at an advanced level. Both levels are marked by the same A*-B grades, but their coursework and requirements are very different. If you’re struggling with this subject, you can seek the help of an IGCSE English tutor. Here are some things to consider when choosing a tutor: Find out – twinseducation.com

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There are four types of papers for IGCSE English literature, each weighing twenty-five marks and lasting forty-five minutes. Paper three is also the longest of the three, making up forty-five percent of the total grade. Paper four is a one-hour-and-half exam, and weighs 25 percent of the overall grade. Component five is an essay or portfolio that covers two different texts. Both papers are worth twenty-five marks, and a home tutor can help you achieve a high score by preparing worksheets for each topic.

IGCSE English as a First Language tutors are available online and on-site. These online tutoring services are designed to meet the needs of students of different ages and levels. The resources include step-by-step guides, colour-coded mentor texts, and easy-to-use worksheets. They can also provide extra support for students who need it most. And, as an added benefit, you can work from home if you’re looking to improve your English skills.

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