The Benefits of Shopping For Tyre Gear in the City of Birmingham

Mobile Tyre Shop is your go-to shop for tyres and all the information you need to get the best deal possible. With over 13 years of experience selling tyres and related products, we have developed a world-wide reputation as one of the leading tyre retailers in the UK. Our extensive range of tyres and equipment includes many high performance tyres designed specifically for maximum speed and track performance. Our range of aftermarket accessories and tyre care products are designed to ensure that your vehicle is in peak condition on the road and at the track.

Tyre shop – The information you need to get 

Aftermarket Tyre Repair: If you buy a set of tyres and break them, you don’t have to worry about taking them back to the shop because we offer complete mobile tyre repair services. You can bring your faulty tyres to us, have a professional technician to come and take them back to your garage or car park, and have them fixed there. When you buy a set of tyres, you want to know that they’re going to last, so we provide onsite tyre repair after the purchase. Aftercare is very important, and our technicians can provide all the services you require, including tyre care and lubrication for track and street use.

We pride ourselves on being a shop where our customers are our number one priority. Our shop is located in the heart of Birmingham, a short 20 minute journey from the famous Mini dealer. Every day, we receive hundreds of inquiries, most of which are fulfilled quickly and professionally. We cater for all tyre requirements and, thanks to our wide range of tyres, customers have a choice between several different designs. In addition to this, our mechanics are ready to provide advice, recommendations and help when needed.

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